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Welcome to Fulton's Creations and Events Powered by "HIS" Ability (Deuteronomy 8:18). My name is Rayaltor "RAY" Fulton.  I am the Founder and CEO of Fulton's Creations and Events "By Ray".  I am so thankful for the Word God gave us to obtain the ability to gain wealth. Not just financially, and mentally, but spiritually as well.  

I  say  "HIS" Ability, because He (GOD) gave us the ability/power to be in a wealthy place while we yet live. With that being said, He gave me whitty ideas, a trained hand, and a keen eye to fulfill the God-given task set before me.  

A touch of my heart is added into all of my designs, jewelry making and such. Take advantage of "HIS" ability, I did!



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